This site is fairly pointless - unless you like Cute Macabre.

It's a collection of my photography projects, some dating back a few years. As time goes on, I plan to add links to my other projects and other things that please me.

What, you may ask, is Cute Macabre?

Well . . .
Cute Macabre is the marriage of something quite lovely with something rather nasty. It's that little twist on something cuddly looked at with a darker sense of humor.
I like to think of it as the seed of everything that makes clowns scary, or why you think your favorite childhood doll was secretly planning to kill you.
Most importantly, it's the general theme of my photography and art projects.
(Nothing profane or obsene, though - there's no real fun in that!)


Looking for the Pictures? Go!! Find them Here!!

About Me

I like to photograph toys in dark (yet cute) situations.

I have a keen interest in religion and mankind's internal struggle with the limits of observation and communication. I enjoy listening to people talk about what they see as 'God' more than sharing my personal beliefs.

I have a core philosophy of engaged conversation. I believe that the key to effective communication is in active and open listening to everyone, especially if your beliefs appear incompatible. In this way, we can resist dehumanizing those whom we disagree.

Primarily, I am a photographer who explores the cute but macabre workings of simple childhood toys. Nothing profane or vulgar, though - where's the sport in that?


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