So... Who are you!?


I recommission old children's toys for art and photography projects on a regular basis.
I fancy myself a musician though I don't practice nearly as often as I should.
(But that hasn't stopped me from producing and publishing music!)

I like to write children's stories (usually with a darker tilt) and the odd musical dirge.

I love to talk about politics and religion, and I am an ardent supporter of civil conversation and debate. I'm more interested in learning what other people believe than talking about my own beliefs. How else would you learn anything?
I'm a web application developer with a serious tilt towards homemade ETL projects.
I prefer to work on the database side of application development, which puts me backwards to the general ORM development craze.

Most importantly, I take a lot of pictures - usually practicing the mystic arts of Cute Macabre.

In short, I'm just some guy who loves to listen to people, take pictures, and write stuff.

So . . . What is Cute Macabre?

It is something both adorable and profane; a happy face slightly obscuring something very wrong with the world. It's best to think of Cute Macabre as a small child's sense of humor when they first learn to express concepts adults find a bit taboo.

It's something that draws attention to what is both adorable and slightly disturbing at the same time.

Cute Macabre is the joyous celebration of what's not quite right in the world.

This is where THE END begins.