Egg Plate

'Spare' Egg yolks were dried with a paper towel and placed on a clean glass plate. The photos were taken in various forms of natural light. (Then it started getting weird . . .)
Drying yolks i
Drying yolks ii
Drying yolks iii
Drying yolks iv
Drying yolks b+w
Drying yolks vii
Drying yolks v
Drowning yolks
The Lovecraft Breakfast Special
It's what's for breakfast!
Double yolk?
Keep it together!
Not vegan yet?
What came first - the chicken or the egg?
Wait!  What happened!?
Say 'AAAAHHH' . . .
Please!  Eat the others!!  Spare me!!
You wouldn't eat *me*, would you?
Help me!!
Help me!!
Help me!!
Say 'AAAAHHH' . . .