Elmo Death Cult

Looks like Elmo's been very, VERY BAD . . . . .
hot pot elmo
elmo at the wheel
elmo hangs
elmo slide
elmo climbs
elmo hangs 2
elmo at the wheel 2
Elmo Noir
elmo late lite 4
elmo late lite
elmo late lite 2
Elmo  plays with a plastic bag
Elmo  plays with a plastic bag
Elmo  plays with a plastic bag
Elmo  plays with a plastic bag
Elmo  plays with a plastic bag
Elmo  plays with a plastic bag
Elmo misses slayer
Elmo doesn't know what to do . . .
ELMO!!!!  WHY!?!!?!!!
Elmo's in a bad way . . .
elmo will kill the baby
elmo death 2
Elmo wants to play DEATH
crime witness elmo
Elmo infests the rat's nest
Crypt keeper Elmo
Easter Elmo!
*OF COURSE* Elmo loves otters!
Santa Elmo!
Elmo's gotta check his Twitter feed!
Santa Elmo!
Elmo climbs
Ed Gein Elmo
Buddies with buddies
California Pizza Elmo
A Sesame Street Birthday Card
Skull buddies
Dr Who fanboy
Dr Who fanboy
Elmo Wonderland
Shawshank Elmo is innocent!
December 10 - I'm All You Can Think About...
Elmo. Elmo! ELMO!!
Come on, man -  Elmo didn't do it!
Sesame Street SLAUGHTER!!!
Elmo visits Dana Point 2
Feb 08 - The Tickle Me Elmo Paradox
Wait!  Don't leave without Elmo!!
March 1 - Ernie
Pumpkin spread
Elmo's bender
Elmo bakes
Elmo visits Dana Point
Elmo Sings all the hits
Stingy boozer Elmo
Elmo's gonna eat a car!!
Elmo jams!
Elmo says you make a better door than a window!
Elmo visits Dana Point 3
Elmo and the Big Rock
Elmo Wonderland 2
Bell, Book and Candle Elmo
Icicle Elmo
Elmo's favorite cow
Aaaahh!!!  Spider!!!
Say cheese!!
Elmo did a very, VERY bad thing . . .
Elmo visits his favorite butcher!!
playing DEATH with Elmo
The Elmo Massacre
movie night
Come git some!
Apple buddies
Elmo Reads
selfie review
First puffs
First puffs
Elmo loves his apples!
Cupcake buddies
Luddite Elmo
elmo climbs
What's with the knife, Elmo?
elmo slide
elmo smokes
Stop the violence!
Elmo's new toy
Elmo's birthday
Gots a head in a jar, mate!
Om nom nom!!
Elmo meets the Lizard King
I'm not playing around anymore - Elmo wants his money!!
Elmo will help kitty hold her breath!
Sometimes Elmo takes a little trip to (cough, cough!!) FLAVOR COUNTRY!
movie night 3
Dreams of the Big city.
Elmo watches Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'
Elmo wants to decorate, too!
Maybe Elmo?
And what is Grover bring to Show-n-Tell today?
If you want something done right...
Elmo will tempt you . . .
Elmo is so cool!! Now he looks just like Gramma!
Elmo misses slayer 2
elmo shold have said no
Elmo bender
Mmmmm . . .
Elmo's forgotten bender.
Geetar Pickin' Elmo!!
Elmo's big apple picking day!!
Elmo's big apple picking day!!
Elmo's big apple picking day!!
Elmo visits Sugarcreek, Ohio
I'll crush your head!!
Tickle me AGAIN!!!!
elmo the playa
BAD Elmo!!
BAD Elmo!!
BAD Elmo!!