I think that maybe someone around here might need Jesus . . .
elmo late lite 2
Guardian of what is no more
Birthday cake
Have a look!
The Forgotten Idol
stab the bunny
Aaaack baby!
Salvation sausages
Bubba Burger Jesus
Blood moon Santa
New-found innocence
Feast of flesh
walk 2
McCrazy bw
walk bw
Feast of flesh mono
Birthday maggot cake
Shrine 3
Shrine bw 2
Shrine 2
See how tasty
Send in the clowns
fouth eye chakra
I can't trust her anymore.
Lego Jesus save us!!!
Angry cookie
It's my birthday!
Jesus Saves
Gifts from the Dark Lord
Vacation home
Salvation and a show!
My peace has come at last
Wall of flesh and sorrow
Hell is for (pasta) children
Ouija Jesus 2
Ouija Jesus 4
Birthday boy!
Baby Jesus on the half shell
Theme park campaign rejections
Ouija Jesus 3
The seance
Life of the Party Jeseus
Alter of Blasphemy
Masks of salvation
Soup bones
Party Jesus
Sacrifices must be made....
Raising the sacred fire in praise of Yomagn'tho
I don't know, either!  But, since chocolate is involved...
Jesus is packin' heat!!
Have you heard the Good News?  Jesus Saves!
Ready to die for your own sins, punk?!